Toni Nadal shares the only time Rafael cried after a loss

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Toni Nadal shares the only time Rafael cried after a loss

When did Rafael Nadal cry in the locker room after losing a match? His former coach and uncle Toni gave the answer. "The only time was in Wimbledon 2007 when he lost to Federer. Only this time", said Toni. Toni also revealed what were the two toughest losses in Rafael's career.

The 58-year-old said: "Two. 2012 Australian Open against Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open and 2009 French Open against Robin Soderling. I do not know what Rafa thinks about it." On Maria Sharapova possibly coming back to her best level, he said: "It's difficult but she was a great player so if she was, she can be again but if she did once, she can do it again."

Toni finally praised Daniil Medvedev: "He is a very competitive player as you could see in the US Open. He was down two sets and a break in the third and he came back, having a huge desire to win. He is the player who has most chances to win a Major."

In an interview to Figaro Benoit Paire spoke about the criticism he received from Marion Bartoli. The Frenchman said: "When you were a player or a high level and you become an analyst, we do not have to forget what goes through players' mind and respect them.

On a court there are emotions. It's normal you make criticism, but you need to justify it. You have to think a lot before saying anything. If one day I will become an analyst, I will be funnier speaking of French players."

Bartoli had described Paire's behaviour as something inacceptable, unforgivable. He looks like a eight-year-old kid who lost a match in a little tournament club." Paire said: "I am not sure you are in a good position to speak about this topic. Did you shake Virginie Razzano's hands in 2009 Eastbourne?"