Having Rafael Nadal in Davis Cup would be big, says Haas

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Having Rafael Nadal in Davis Cup would be big, says Haas

Speaking to Efe Tommy Haas commented on the Davis Cup taking place in Madrid in November. He said: "I feel Davis Cup is very special. In my case, I always enjoyed representing my country. It's a much bigger feeling, a honor to play for your country.

For example, you do not hear, Game, set and match for Haas, you hear Game, set and match for Germany. It was very emotional, especially for the home matches. Now that you do no longer play at home and far away, it's different.

You needed some changes, but I am not sure if it was the best thing for the players. We will see how it gets developed. Of course if Spain manages to bring Rafael Nadal there, it will be a great recognition for the Spanish tennis.

I would have liked to make it play once every two years with the same format." On Alexander Zverev not playing Davis Cup, Haas concluded: "I did not know he decided he would not come. Tennis is a single and selfish sport, you always try to analyze earlier what's the best for your career.

Having such an important player representing your country is important, and of course if Zverev doesn't play it will be tougher for Germany." On Nadal beating an opponent who is ten years younger than him, Haas added: "It shows his desire to win, come back and keep seeking the greatness.

He was winning two sets to love, it seemed he had won the match, Medvedev came back with an impressive tennis. But Rafa is unstoppable and one of the greatest competitors in all the sports ever. He tries to keep his body healthy and when his knees are okay, he moves the way he wants.

It's really incredible. This year the US Open court was a bit slower than the previous years, which gave him more time to get to the ball and be more aggressive."