What Safin said during Medvedev v Rafael Nadal final was great - Khachanov

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What Safin said during Medvedev v Rafael Nadal final was great - Khachanov

Karen Khachanov did not have a long run at the US Open. The Russian player came back to his country but he was still interested at watching his compatriot Daniil Medvedev going far and only losing to Rafael Nadal in a championship clash.

"I followed all the results. I have not watched all the matches because of time zone difference but I saw the final. Marat Safin's conments were great. He refreshed tennis fans", said Khachanov. Looking to the future, he added: "The next goal is to be on the top five.

But I do not focus on rankings too much. As soon as you start thinking about results and you dream to win here and there, you train well, then you come to St. Petersburg and you expect to win the title, which unfortunately doesn't happen.

You have to focus on the things that depend on you and that you can take control of, it means your game." On his team, Khachanov added: "In July I started working with Nikolay Davydenko. He, and probably all the players, have situations where you lose several tournaments in a row, some uncertainty appears, there are thoughts on your head that influence you and make you have doubts.

When you start thinking about all this, you get influenced by it. Nikolay was on the top five for six or five years, a very good player. He can help both mentally and game-wise. You can improve and add something."