Medvedev: 'Many famous people congratulated me after loss to Rafael Nadal'

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Medvedev: 'Many famous people congratulated me after loss to Rafael Nadal'

Daniil Medvedev looked back at his US Open final loss to Rafael Nadal. The Russian was praised by everyone for his great performance and fighting spirit. "I was congratulated from many famous Russian guys, whatever they are athletes or stars in general, it's just very nice!

I will not mention all the names, but there were many congratulations and I replied to everyone," he said in a presser. Asked if he visited the city, Medvedev replied: "There is very less time, especially at night, because in the morning and afternoon there were several matches, interviews, press conference.

And of course, you need to have time for it. You usually try to train twice a day, sometimes fitness training too, so at night I spend time with my wife, we go to the restaurant, there are many ones in St. Petersburg." On how he approaches a match, he concluded: "We study with my coach.

I love tactics, I like thinking about how to play with an opponent. It's difficult for me to face someone for the first time. On TV, I am not able to see things I see on the court. I always said that the experience for me is very important.

The coach also watches matches of my next opponents on TV or live, trying to understand something. We can say that any top 100 player has very few weaknesses. There is no one who is not able to hit a backhand, but if you hit for it 20 times in a row, he may start to play worse."