Rafael Nadal opens up on Laver Cup withdrawal

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Rafael Nadal opens up on Laver Cup withdrawal

Rafael Nadal explained the reasons behind his withdrawal at the Laver Cup in Geneva on Sunday. The Spaniard was supposed to play with Roger Federer in doubles and to face Nick Kyrgios in a singles match but the Spaniard is dealing with a left-hand injury.

“I’ve had an amazing time playing here at the Laver Cup and I’m so disappointed I’m not able to play again today, but I have some inflammation in my hand and I need to rest. The atmosphere has been amazing here in Geneva and of course, I’m going to be there for all my teammates and do everything I can to support them and help Team Europe win the Laver Cup", said Nadal.

Nadal added: "I am a bit sad of course especially I had the big assignment to play the doubles with Roger. I honestly know that’s the thing that I’m sadder because in singles I know Dominic is gonna be there and he going to do it unbelievable.

Since a couple of years, I still have that feeling on the hand. It is an inflammation of the articulation and on the hand, it is not the wrist. Yesterday I did an infiltration to play. I just let the hand play and when you lift the hand sometimes the next day you are a little bit better, sometimes relatively worse and today I think is a little bit more inflamed in the morning”.

Nadal concluded: "My issue is with my left hand, not my left wrist. I had an injection before playing in the Laver Cup on Saturday but that the problem got worse Sunday morning."