Coach Roig picks Rafael Nadal's best win and worst loss ever

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Coach Roig picks Rafael Nadal's best win and worst loss ever

Francis Roig has been coaching Rafael Nadal since 2005. A bit like Severin Luthi with Roger Federer, the Barcelona native may have been under the shadow of first uncle Toni and then Carlos Moya, when it comes to praise Rafael's career.

Asked by Tennis World USA how much credit he gives to himself for the success Rafa had throughout his path on the professional tour, Roig replied: "I am not the one who tells it. We consistently worked with Toni before and now Carlos to make Rafa improve his game.

At the US Open Rafa showed he went to the net pretty much on serve, he hits better shots. I have been with him for 15 years and I still keep being excited. I did not expect to work with him for 15 years. He is a player who learns and who understands he needs to shorten rallies.

He doesn't have the same body as when he was 20 years old. I would not say he is better than in the past but I am convinced that if now he had the same gamestyle as before, he would not be competing at such a high level."

Asked what was Nadal's best match win and worst loss during his career, Roig replied: "The most beautiful, emotional was one was 2008 Wimbledon win over Roger Federer. The worst one was the 2014 Australian Open final against Stan Wawrinka."