2013 win over Rafael Nadal is my best memory, says Zeballos

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2013 win over Rafael Nadal is my best memory, says Zeballos

In an interview the Argentinean player Horacio Zeballos recalled when he beat Rafael Nadal in the 2013 Vina del Mar final. That was the first tournament for Nadal in seven months as he had last competed in 2012 Wimbledon due to a knee injury.

"This match is among the best memories in my career and it will be the most beautiful memory tennis-wise speaking", admitted Zeballos "Now I feel I am very focused on doubles and I try to do my best. I feel that I gave everything in singles and I could deliver my career at 100 percent there."

"For me to be world No. 3 in doubles is a honor", added Zeballos. "I am so happy. I did not expect it to happen so quickly. I am enjoying myself a lot. I loved the doubles for all my life and I gave it almost the same priority as singles but I have been on this Tour full time for two years.

I am very happy with this decision." On the new Davis Cup format in Madrid, Zeballos added: "During the US Open all the players were contacted. I want to be in the Davis Cup, I am interested at the new format. The only bad point is that there is not the home and far away anymore, but there will be many Argentineans in Madrid like in any other part of the world, so it will be good. Hopefully Argentina can dream to its best", concluded the 34-year-old Mar del Plata native.