'Rafael Nadal could not take risks in Laver Cup, that's why he withdrew'

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'Rafael Nadal could not take risks in Laver Cup, that's why he withdrew'

The Team World members at the Laver Cup were not happy about Rafael Nadal withdrawing from the Sunday action. They believe that the Team Europe knew it since early Sunday morning as Dominic Thiem was training to get ready for the matches.

The Team Europe Vice-Captain Thomas Enqvist clarified: "First of all, I want to say something, what Stefan said there, that he didn't fill a gap. I didn't see that. I would have to say I think Stefanos played a fantastic doubles match.

I think the whole doubles match, all four players played fantastically, and there was just a point here and there, so I think it was a high quality match. I think Stefanos showed that he's not only incredible singles player.

He's also good doubles player. That was my opinion. And having said that, of course you want to play with Nadal (smiling). He's in unbelievable shape. He has won US Open. He won yesterday against Raonic. As we know, the more Nadal plays, the better he gets.

So of course we wanted him to play with Nadal. And this morning, when he couldn't, of course -- he, first of all, was very disappointed. He looked forward so much to play doubles with Roger and also his singles match. He couldn't, and then of course we cannot risk.

And then it's just to put in the next player, which we did. Stefanos did really well. Now Dominic is fighting in Nadal's favor."