Rafael Nadal won over Medvedev because he was more experienced - Safin

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Rafael Nadal won over Medvedev because he was more experienced - Safin

Marat Safin worked as a TV commentator during the US Open final between Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev. The former world No. 1 spoke about the congratulations he got for his quality job. "I heard that the feedback was normal, more positive than negative.

When you are a former professional, you understand everything in a slightly different way and I worked not just as a commentator but as a fan too. It's clear that everyone has a different perspective but I am who I am."

Safin, analyzing how Medvedev dealt with emotions, added: "On the court, your head turns off and you do not think about anything anymore, while in the booth you get worried, angry, you analyze. It's difficult not to show emotions.

As for the match, it's clear Medvedev needs to improve but he has a big future. Rafael Nadal is more experienced, do that's why Daniil lost although it was everything on his hands. It's okay, there will still be big wins.

I think Nadal was upset that a young guy played so well against him. At some point the pressure on the Spaniard increased because he was the favorite. When a younger guy goes out there against you who doesn't want to give up and fight, it means pressure on the older guys.

Daniil can be world No. 1 already next year." Asked if he congratulated Medvedev for the great result, Safin replied: "I do not have his number but he doesn't have mine."