Milos Raonic shares why facing Rafael Nadal is complicated

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Milos Raonic shares why facing Rafael Nadal is complicated

In an interview to Tennidhead net during an event hosted by Jaguar, Milos Raonic looked back to his Laver Cup experience where he competed for Team World. The Canadian player said: “At the Laver Cup I hadn’t played since Montreal then my first match was against the guy who had just won the US Open", he said referring to Rafael Nadal.

"So I had no clue where my game was at and hadn’t played any matches to see what was working for me and then its like going to play Rafa who’s spinning his forehand to your backhand all day and making you run around.

So that kind of stuff is pretty intense. “So then second match (after Rafa) your playing Sacha (Zverev) who’s top 8 in the world and you’re playing for the whole (Laver Cup) thing and you have 6 guys alongside you who have put all their energy and emotion into it, a captain and a coach as well that have put everything they’ve got into it and you don’t want to let them down.

So those kind of things definitely rile you up. I don’t know if it’s a Grand Slam final (in terms of emotion) but it definitely beats out those early stages of a Grand slam tournament”. On what makes the Laver Cup special, he concluded: “You see what everyone else has put into it.

Everyone really puts it all out there in each match. Players have stepped up in their individual games and you don’t want that to go to waste. You are trying to give it your all and see where the parts fall."