Rafael Nadal is respectful, humble, an example for everyone - Tsobanian

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Rafael Nadal is respectful, humble, an example for everyone - Tsobanian

In an interview as quoted by El Pais, the Madrid Open tennis organizer Gerard Tsobanian spoke about his attempt to make the best golf players in the world to play a tournament in Spain. Tsobanian said: "People need stars.

Jon Rahm, he needs to be there like Sergio Garcia. They show love for the country. Rahm is like Nadal. He is humble and has a great mindset. It seems you cannot speak to the golfer, that it's a lords sport. Rahm makes your perspective change on it.

He is more like us, like people's streets, like Nadal. Rafa is very respectful, he is feet-grounded, he is an example. He doesn't look at the others standing from above. Rahm seems to be the same way. He is how you see it."

Tsobanian added: "Bringing the best guys in the world will be the challenge in golf, not just the best of Spain. The calendar makes it easier. The American tour ends in August and we will approach them so that they come.

It will be a long process to convince them. But if we organize a tournament where players feel comfortable, in a country that is a paradise for the golf, it will encourage the stars, first from Europe and then from the United States.

I want Madrid to be the Capital of golf, not just tennis. We will look for the best guys. Tiger Woods too. We will convince Woods and everyone. It's not impossible. If Federer came, why can't Tiger? It would be a revolution."

Earlier this year Federer competed in Madrid for the first time since 2015. He joined a world-class field that also featured Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic among the others. We will see if Federer will be back to the Spanish city in 2019 too.