Nadal, Federer, Djokovic will keep dominating until their retirement -Lopez

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Nadal, Federer, Djokovic will keep dominating until their retirement -Lopez

In an interview to Marca Feliciano Lopez was asked how many more Grand Slams Rafael Nadal can win. Lopez replied: "Rafa doesn't need to be the player holding most Grand Slams to become one of the best guys in history.

I hope he wins many more. He showed and keeps showing that he is amazing. Until when he, Djokovic and Roger do not retire, you have no other guys who can cope with them. It will depend on each one's physical conditions."

Asked if he thought about where he can retire, Lopez replied: "To be honest I have not thought about the retirement yet. I go day by day and year by year. I still see myself with strengths and excitement. Without a doubt Madrid would have been an ideal place to retire but there are other very special tournaments for me like Queen's and Godo in Barcelona.

We will see what the future brings. I am totally focused to compete at the ultimate level." On how it will feel to play the Marbella Masters Cup, Lopez commented: "Both David Ferrer and Tommy Haas retired a few months ago.

Looking at their level, I do not think it will be an advantage. What we expect is to offer a great show to the crowd and that they enjoy the best tennis. I am looking forward to face rivals who I have a big friendship with." Lopez will not play any Asian tournaments and he may take a wild card to compete in the European hard-court events.