Toni Nadal coaches younger people like he did with Rafael - Vicens

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Toni Nadal coaches younger people like he did with Rafael - Vicens

In an interview with Punto de Break, Rosa Vicens spoke about the Rafa Nadal Academy's training method. She only had good words for it. "That is very big, I also lived there for a while. Everything is very nice, big, courts of every kind, different gyms, places for members, hotel...

Being there is unbelievable." On Toni, Vicens added: "He is always there but also Manu Górriz, Bruno Márquez, my coach, Manu, etc. It's true that Toni looks at me a lot and he is a very hard coach.

With him, I feel that training sessions are very hard but I also worked a lot, he likes that everything is very intense, sweating, drinking a bit of water. But then you play a match and you note it. Toni tries to train everybody as he did with Rafa.

He always makes us examples of Rafa, so I suppose he tries to do the same with us." On Nadal, Vicens added: "He says hi to me when he looks at me, he congratulated me when things were going well. He knows how my trajectory goes and if I am improving."

But you only have one Nadal: "Especially because men's tennis is very different than women's, in this aspect you have to be a bit careful. I love to improve and you have to be careful because not everyone is Rafa, but you have to copy things. The way he trains thinks, the positive mentality he has, he never throws the racket, all those things are good."