Listening and being driven were the basics of Rafael Nadal's career - Toni

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Listening and being driven were the basics of Rafael Nadal's career - Toni

In a speech earlier this week Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni spoke about his training method with the 19-time Grand Slam winner. The 58-year-old said: "My job with Rafa was to tell him the truth, not what he wanted to listen.

Listening and being driven was the basics of Rafa's career. Being adviced was a sign of smartness. Only the silly people knows everything. You should not think you cannot, because everything depends on yourself, on the decision you take in life.

The key talent is the result of the initial talent and the work. Being perseverant in what you do and not looking for excuses they do not make you progressing and achieving your goals." "What marked Rafa's success on and off the court I think is common to the rest of successful people and you can summarize it in one word: resilience.

When you look for excuses, but on the road it's not worth to follow it. I always tried to make Rafael dealing with difficulties. Now in today's world the main thing is to enjoy yourself. I was hard with Rafa because I knew he could be better and he was not arrogant.

I would not be hard with someone who would not appreciate it. Rafa once told me: 'Don't worry, I will not lose this match; Federer may win it but I will not lose it. In life you have to be grateful, first of all. The happiness is given by the work anf commitment. You need to be the best of yourself", concluded Toni who is the head director of the Rafa Nadal Academy.