Rafael Nadal happy for Andy Murray competing again

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Rafael Nadal happy for Andy Murray competing again

Rafael Nadal spoke about Andy Murray coming back to compete on the Tour. The Brit played in Zhuhai earlier this week and he now pkans to switch to Beijing, then Shanghai and Antwerp. "For me, after all the pressures that he went through, that he's trying that hard to be back shows that he really is very passionate about this sport, no? And shows a big love for tennis and for his job in the same time.

Is great news, is great news that he's healthy, especially for him but of course for tennis. He's one of the most important players on our tour for the last 10, 12 years. So will be great if he's able to feel himself healthy and ready to play at the highest level again, no? Let's see.

I wish him all the very best. Happy for him that he's playing again, and I really wish him all the very best", said Nadal. Before the Laver Cup Stefanos Tsitsipas had spoken about how it felt to be on the Team Europe for the first time with Federer and Nadal: "I would like to say it's an honor joining such important players in our era, being part of this unique celebration, I would call it, celebrating tennis, celebrating the two different continents, for example, rest of The World and Team Europe, getting the opportunity to face each other, prove to one another who's better.So what I'm aiming this week is getting experience, learning from all of you guys, and, yeah, playing good tennis, because this event is really important.

I think there is plenty of good tennis to be played, and people obviously expect a show and we're here to give it to them."