Rafael Nadal is genuine, he doesn't cheat - French Open chief

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Rafael Nadal is genuine, he doesn't cheat - French Open chief

In an interview the French Open Tournament Director Guy Forget praised Rafael Nadal's 12 tournament titles. The Frenchman said: "It's one of the biggest feats in sports history. People would like to see winners losing sometimes.

One thing is sure: when he will retire, he will miss tennis a lot. So enjoy, enjoy him. Rafa is genuine, honest, he doesn't cheat. What a luck to have him as an ambassador." In an interview to Beyond the Baseline, the co-director of the ATP Zhuhai Championship Peter Lyu spoke about this year's event.

The tournament was moved from Shenzhen to Zhuhai. "We already had some successful experiences on the WTA side in the past four years, and we decided to hold an ATP level event two years ago. Men's tennis is more powerful, aggressive, and faster, which would bring a different feeling to the crowd", he said in an interview to CGTN.

"We made the plan to invite players to come to Zhuhai before this year's Australian Open. We invited several different levels of players such as famous stars, top 10 or 20 players, also talented rising stars. We now have more and more tournaments in China.

So we absolutely want to give low-ranked players and some teenager players more chances to play the high-level tournaments, to face the greatest players in the world, and try to win more points to improve their ranking."