I would like to be like Rafael Nadal, says golfer

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I would like to be like Rafael Nadal, says golfer

Last year the Spanish golfer Jon Rahm won the Spanish Open in front of 50,000 people. He dealt with a lot of emotions and pressure. "It was unbelievable and it will be difficult to overcome this first win", admitted Rahm.

"I never managed to defend a title in my career and hopefully I can have a good fight. The year was very good, my best year as a professional. Putting Rory Mcllroy aside, I had the most consistent year. Being there almost all the time, I would have liked to win more.

I appreciate a second and third places but as a competitor I want to win. That's it. On the American tour I wanted to win twice during the same year and i could not. I want to do it in Europe and end up strong. And in the Majors I achieved improvements.

Augusta is the court where i had most chances, I know it more because we played more times and it's where I am more comfortable. At the US Open I played well but not enough to win." On his role models, Rahm added: "I will not say I will be like Federer, because not, but I would like to be like Rafa Nadal, who has that anger, he is a great competitor and a great control, a great mental strength."

The Chengdu Open Tournament Director Luiz Carvalho spoke about Grigor Dimitrov being a good tickets seller in Chengdu: "Yes. He was a big hit this year. It was a changing career tournament for him. We saw how good he was and how well he could do on Tour.

Rio was the spotlivht in his career, the first one. We were very happy with him reaching the final it's unfortunate that he cannot be back in 2020 but he is a great player, very powerful, very nice to have him around. He will be a real star if he keeps working and it's a matter of time before he wins big tournaments."