Gaston Gaudio recalls when Rafael Nadal broke seven rackets after loss

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Gaston Gaudio recalls when Rafael Nadal broke seven rackets after loss

In the 2005 Buenos Aires quarter-finals Gaston Gaudio defeated Rafael Nadal in three sets, 0-6 6-0 6-1. The Spaniard was 18 years old and four months later, he would win his maiden Grand Slam title in the French Open. After the loss to the Argentinean, the Manacor native was very nervous and coming back into the locker room he broke all his rackets.

"What happens to this guy, is he crazy?", reflected Gaudio, who now admitted that he had won against an amazing player, one of the guys who gets born once every 100 years. "He broke all his rackets, the seven.

I thought he was crazy. He did not lost to anybody. I was playing well on clay and I had won French Open (in 2004), but Rafa saw the loss as a failure, he could not handle it." On Djokovic's chances to end the year as a world No.

1 ahead of Rafael Nadal, Goran Ivanisevic said: "He recovered well over the last two weeks. In order to keep being No. 1, Djokovic should basically win everything until the season ends, because he needs to defend last year's points.

Nadal, on the other side, has nothing to lose. For Djokovic it will be difficult but not impossible. His other coach, Marian Vajda, is with him in Tokyo and Shanghai. I could not go because I am committed to the Legends Cup. I will be with him in Paris and at the ATP Finals in London."

Ivanisevic's compatriot Ivo Karlovic hit more than 13,000 aces in his career. "Ivan Ljubicic, Marin Cilic, Mario Ancic, do not forget them. I do not know why it involves so many players. Maybe because all of us were tall. Also, we have a simple movement."