I repeatedly re-watch my 2013 win over Rafael Nadal, says Zeballos

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I repeatedly re-watch my 2013 win over Rafael Nadal, says Zeballos

The former Argentinean player Horacio Zeballos recalled his three-set final win over Rafael Nadal in 2013 Vina del Mar final. Zeballos told Pagina 12: "I see it, I see it. Maybe before, when I was playing singles, I saw him a bit more.

But it's on my memories and it's the biggest memory I have from tennis so far, without a doubt." On the new Davis Cup format, Zeballos added: "Now I am playing only doubles and Davis Cup gives a lot of importance to it.

Before it was important but now it means the 33 per cent of the tie. I like it. As a doubles player it gives me more excitement to win the match. The new format takes care about players's bodies throughout the year and it seems very good.

Obviously, we will no longer play at home and that's different. But there will definitely be a lot of Argentinean guys in Madrid and even if they are two or three, we will hear them. But losing the home format will be bad.

There will be many expectations. We know it will be a new tournament but the goal is always the same one: making Argentina go as far as possible." On Gaston Gaudio being Argentina's captain, he said: "I see (that) he is very involved.

He is in several tournaments with us, I know he will also go to a swing during the year to keep backing this group. Gaudio was a great player and he has a lot to teach us. It's important to have him as a captain."