Agent reveals the person that co-lives with Rafael Nadal 24 hours a day

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Agent reveals the person that co-lives with Rafael Nadal 24 hours a day

In an interview as quoted by ATP Rafael Nadal's agent Carlos Costa spoke about the role of Spanish player's physioterapist Rafael Maymo in making the 19-time Grand Slam winner being successful. “He’s in the shadow of Rafa 24 hours a day, both professionally and personally.

He is his guardian, the one who watches him so that he is ready, prepared, eating what he has to eat", said Costa. “And he is the one who knows Nadal the most because he spends many hours with him. In the hours of treatment, Rafa is relaxed and has many conversations about how he feels, and not only as a tennis player, but also as a person.

For that reason, he is not a simple physiotherapist for Nadal”. Costa added: “He's a funny guy who likes to talk (with Nadal). And he takes conversations to the limit because he's extremist in a lot of things!

But he is a vital figure within the team and contributes many things." Nadal is training in Manacor trying to recover from a hand injury. On his potential opening round match against Marin Cilic in Shanghai, Roger Federer said: "His ranking dropped and he is gonna comeback to the top.

He is still good. Now we are playing a competition and if we will face each other in singles, it will be great. We had an epic match at the Australian Open, five-setter and so forth. We got closer at the Laver Cup during the week two years ago so I would be excited to play Marin."