Medvedev: 'I hope US Open loss to Rafael Nadal will give me experience'

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Medvedev: 'I hope US Open loss to Rafael Nadal will give me experience'

Daniil Medvedev looked back to his US Open final loss to Rafael Nadal. Speaking in Shanghai, the Russian player said: "I heard that it was a good match (smiling). It's tough to say, because I was playing it. I was not watching it on TV.

Actually, I mean, I would say it's better for people to decide who saw whether it was not a good match or a great match. As you say, almost everybody loved it. Me, I mean, I just fought till the end. Unfortunately was not enough, because I'm always disappointed when I lose.

No matter if it was a great fight, great match, or I lose 6-0, 6-0, the result is the same. I hope it will give me a lot of experience for future big matches like this, and hopefully next time I'm going to be the winner."

Asked if he re-watched that match, Medvedev replied: "I have watched some highlights. Actually I should say even first two sets, that's what I felt on the court, I was playing good. Just Rafa was too good for me. I managed to raise my level even higher, and that's when the match got tight."

"I try to think still most about tennis, and I think I have done it very well regarding especially my results, even after the stories. So of course tennis is the most important, but I'm also taking care of my behavior. I'm not happy of what I have done, I said it like a million times, but I hope it won't happen again."