Rafael Nadal is the best player ever, says Sara Sorribes

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Rafael Nadal is the best player ever, says Sara Sorribes

In an interview with Yo Soy Noticia, Spanish player Sara Sorribes spoke about Rafael Nadal's legacy in tennis. Sorribes said: "Nadal is the best player ever, I had said it when he was holding fewer Grand Slam titles than Federer and people were saying the contrary.

Seeing him hitting every ball in any training session is crazy, we will never see anything like this again, it's something amazing, he is a real extraterrestrial." Sorribes also reflected on what it means for her to play in Spain: "Playing in Madrid is very special for me.

I love being there with my people, my family and the crowd that supports me. I love it, it's a unique feeling and that's why I think I can always give that little of an extra. I am there with my people, my family, that cannot come to other tournaments.

And I also have the crowd on my side, which usually doesn't happen in other tournaments. It's very special." On the on-court coaching, Sorribes added: "I am in favour, speaking with my coach helps me a lot but I would like it not to be listened by others.

It should be something more intimate because if everybody listens to it it's more complicated and there are things that can be misunderstood." On the new Davis Cup format in Madrid, Sorribes concluded: "It's true that Davis Cup will lose a bit of an essence, it was a very good competition."