Marc Marquez: 'Rafael Nadal always improves, he is one of my idols'

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Marc Marquez: 'Rafael Nadal always improves, he is one of my idols'

In an interview to El Pais the MotoGP rider Marc Marquez spoke about his inspirations. After winning his eight championship title, the Spaniard said: "One of my idols is Rafa Nadal, who always improves. Or Lionel Messi, who scores a goal and the following one is always better."

Marquez almost seems to be a veteran in MotoGP but he is just 26 years old. Does he feel old? “‘Old’ isn’t the word! I still feel like I’m a boy, not yet a grown man! I’m still learning and I have many things to do in my career, in my life", he told Box Repsol.

"We’re all human and maybe I’ll make more mistakes or repeat the same mistakes, but it’s true that year-by-year I’m getting more experience, not only on track, but also outside the paddock –learning how to manage the pressure during a racing weekend, how to organize the day-by-day things at home, the training time to be fit and ready for the races.

I feel I’ve grown in these kinds matters”. Asked what pressure means to him, the Cervera native concluded: “It’s difficult to explain, but it’s something that makes you insecure, that gives you doubts, makes you tense.

It’s something that wears you out mentally and physically, and you finish the weekend completely destroyed. Since all this tension just sucks so much energy out of you, you have to manage it. I’m very lucky to have a big family in the paddock, my team that helps me to disconnect when we’re not just thinking about racing, and this helps me to stay relaxed."