Nadal loves Davis Cup format, Djokovic and Murray will play too - Pique

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Nadal loves Davis Cup format, Djokovic and Murray will play too - Pique

In an interview to El Horminguero the FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique spoke about the new Davis Cup format. He said: "We made it take place during one week, before it was four. For the players it's much better, everything in the same city.

For the fans too. But it's not about what the investment, it's not that important. It's about the time and effort. I went to Shanghai, Paris, London... You have to speak with players, convince them about the new format and that it is in Madrid.

Rafael Nadal loves it, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray... Having them in Madrid for one week competing for their country is unique and hopefully Spain gets to the final." "Having people against me motivates me more. Normally I am aware of the difficulties that I face.

I enjoy it. The world of football is amazing. All what you read is not true. It's much more easier. The relationship with players is amazing. When you were younger it influenced you more, now it doesn't. Over the time you know that when you lose you will get criticism and when you win, you will be praised even if you are not okay.

Two weeks ago we were going through a bad momentum and now we won four matches and it's another thing. It's always about the result. But having people against me motivates me. In my recent times with the national team I had my best years, I was as motivated as ever."