Rafael Nadal's hand is getting better every day, says uncle Toni

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Rafael Nadal's hand is getting better every day, says uncle Toni

Toni Nadal spoke about his nephew Rafael's hand injury in a conference call promoting the 2020 Mallorca Open on Thursday. The 58-year-old said: "He was painful a bit last week but every day he is getting better."

On Rafa possibly being the world No. 1 again before the year ends, Toni added: "(Novak) Djokovic is very strong now and not having played the last two tournaments, Rafa had fewer chances but he can have his opportunities depending on how he performs in Paris and London", admitted Toni.

Nadal is also committed to the Davis Cup in Madrid. On how he manages to give so many balls back on return, Djokovic added: “I just try to have a good position and react well and have a good balance. There are a lot of technical details that I won’t get into and you just pick a side.

Sometimes you kind of use the experience of playing him before and knowing his patterns of where he might go, his favourite spot. But sometimes it’s just reaction, blocking serve and getting it back in play. That's what you have to do against one of the best servers of all time.

There is always something to work on, that is the beauty of sport and life in general, you can always improve. But I am very happy with the way I am feeling and playing on court. This has been one of my best serving matches of lately so I’m looking forward to the next one”.