Rafael Nadal could be crazy,but he is so well educated and humble -Zabaleta

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Rafael Nadal could be crazy,but he is so well educated and humble -Zabaleta

The former Argentinean player Mariano Zabaleta spoke to InfoBaires about how Rafael Nadal manages to stay feet grounded despite being one of the greatest athletes of all time. Zabaleta said: "You are young, you earn money, you have people around you who loves you, it's the only sport where you pay a guy to make him tell the things you have to do.

You can date women, and you still need to be feet grounded. The best answer in my life was given by Toni Nadal when we were speaking of Rafa. I was asking how this guy lives because he is a big world class star. I think Toni has a lot of credit in how he educated Rafa, because you see him and he is very humble, well-educated, when he could be crazy.

And you see much lower level players that think they are Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Nadal himself. Why is Rafa like this? Because you play well using a racket and a ball. It's not like Steve Jobs who changed the world. The problem, he said, is when you look at 12 or 13-year-old guys, they can do things they should not do at their age.

That's where you create the monster. When you start accepting a 14-year-old guy because he plays well and lacks of respect, things like that. This is where you have to educate the player. The player needs to realize that he plays tennis and nothing more.

He is doing nothing for the humanity, he doesn't have to get more attention than he deserves to. This is the message you should give."