Feliciano Lopez: 'I really hope Rafael Nadal wins ATP Finals in London'

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Feliciano Lopez: 'I really hope Rafael Nadal wins ATP Finals in London'

In an interview to Rtve Feliciano Lopez spoke about his decision to play in 2020 too as he committed to the Mallorca Open. The Spaniard said: "After having a good year like this it's right to keep your career going on.

For me it's a luck and if you told me it 20 years ago, I would not have believed at it. Life is like this. 17 or 18 years ago Rafa won his first match ever here when the event was played on clay, I was playing too and now it's grass.

Before, the Spanish tennis was pretty much about clay and things changed after that me and Rafa achieved success on grass too. It's one more step. That was an amazing achievement. It has been a very good year and I never had doubts when they asked me to play in Mallorca", said Lopez who will play in Antwerp, Vienna and Paris and Davis Cup if he is picked by the team captain.

"We will see. Game conditions are good for my game but many players have been playing well this year and the guys who will be picked, will have deserved it. For me every time I was picked to play for Spain was great, it made me excited.

It's a new format and everyone wants to play. We will have the Davis Cup in Spain for two years, and you will have to try to take advantage of it. I think during or after Paris the team will be announced." Lopez also spoke about Rafael Nadal's chances to win ATP Finals in London: "The first thing is that he needs to 100 percent recover from his hand injury.

If he is competitive and healthy, it is his best time after winning US Open. This year he played relatively less, not much, and this hand injury came in the worst moment but I see him very well. I would like him to win ATP Finals because it's the only title missing on his achievements list, then the Davis Cup because having a guy like him in the team would be great."