Darcis: 'Win vs Rafael Nadal will probably be my biggest achievement ever'

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Darcis: 'Win vs Rafael Nadal will probably be my biggest achievement ever'

In an interview to Rftb the Belgian player Steve Darcis, who will retire from the professional tour next year, recalled his 2013 Wimbledon first round win over Rafael Nadal. Darcis said: "It will probably the biggest achievement in my career.

Also my first title in Amersfoort will be magical. I came out from nowhere. Memphis will be special. But everyone will speak to me about the win over Nadal forever." Afterwards, an injury came for Darcis: "I switched from one of the best moments in my career to one of the worst.

I stopped for almost nine months due to a shoulder issue. After the match against Nadal, all the interviews I did, I knew it would have not worked the match after. It was tough." Asked if he loved tennis until the end, Darcis replied: "Yes, I always loved tennis.

If I came back more times, it's because I liked it. I like matches and the competition. Then I had a lot of pain so I liked less staying on court. It's a bit more difficult to enjoy. But I think living of your passion is everyone's dream."

In an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport the former world No. 4 Adriano Panatta spoke about Matteo Berrettini's breakthrough on Tour. Panatta said: "Fabio Fognini has always been a very strong player. Berrettini instead came up this year raising several positions.

He deserves it because he is first of all a very good guy, then he is a very moderna player, an unusual Italian because he doesn't even look like an Italian not just tennis-wise but also physically: he is 195 centimeters tall, he hits so powerful serves... I think he totally deserves this success."