David Ferrer confirms he will attend Rafael Nadal's wedding

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David Ferrer confirms he will attend Rafael Nadal's wedding

In an interview to Onda Cero David Ferrer was asked if he keeps being in touch with the Spaniards. The 37-year-old said: "You are not a lot in touch with your mates because you do not travel and you are not with them on a daily basis but I keep having a relationship.

I keep speaking with Felix, Marc Lopez, next week (this week) Rafa Nadal's wedding, I saw Tommy Robredo some time ago. I keep being connected because I have very good memories and great friends who I keep sharing messages with."

Asked if he misses the competition, Ferrer replied: "No I do not. I watch tennis because Ilike it but I do not feel I want to be back on court at a professional level. It doesn't excite me. Now I learn new things and I have different motivations.

Tennis was a big part of my life and some of the best that happened to me, but this stage is closed. Anyways I keep being connected, I am in the Academy and I stay in touch with my friends, I will never leave tennis. I live in a much calmer way on several aspects."

On his daily life, he concluded: "The morning is the time where I am most productive. It's when I spend more time in the Academy and on my personal projects. Now I played Seniors those three weeks and I travel for some weeks.

I keep being fit. I keep liking tennis a lot. I go to the Academy, I give lessons and I also play myself. It makes me happy. I have the same weight as when I was playing. I do not eat as well as before but I always ate well. I never basically take alcohol, it's something I never liked. I always try to have a healthy life, but enjoying with my friends."