Rafael Nadal behaves in a simple way despite being a champion - Gracheva

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Rafael Nadal behaves in a simple way despite being a champion - Gracheva

In an interview to the Kremlin Cup website Gracheva spoke about her idols and inspirations. The Russian said: "I respect all the players, everyone does a tremendous work. But I never looked up to anyone. All players are great.

If there is someone who should be admired, it’s definitely (Rafael) Nadal. He remains such a simple person, even with such an incredible amount of Grand Slams won. I did not communicate with him, but I saw how he behaves on court and in life.

My coach once met with him. Of course, mom inspires me. But to be true, these are probably more inspirational kicks (laughter)." On her beginnings, Gracheva added: "I was born in Zhukovsky, this is a town in the Moscow region.

I have a younger brother, but he does not play tennis. My mother is a coach; she works at a sports academy in Zhukovsky. So, it so happened that she took me to the court, and there I stayed (laughter)." "I am training in Cannes.

At the Academy of Jean-René Lisnard. This is a small center. Now I came here with Eric Dimaggio, this is my coach for this tournament and a couple of others. Since this is a tennis center, there are several coaches who supervise me, so, I can appear with other coaches at some tournaments.

My main coach is Jean-René Lisnard himself. But there are other coaches with whom I can travel the tour. We have been cooperating with him only for three or four tournaments now."