Rafael Nadal became an incredible all-court player, says McEnroe

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Rafael Nadal became an incredible all-court player, says McEnroe

In an interview the seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe spoke highly of Rafael Nadal's evolution. The American said: "For a guy who was thought of as a clay-court player, who didn't serve particularly big, who didn't come to net much, that he's been able to adapt his game and add to it in order to become an incredible all-court player.

He's shortened points. Him and his team have realized that he could actually have more longevity, that he didn't have to be as passive and wait -- he could play more aggressively. He's found the perfect mix between offense and defense."

Another American, Jimmy Arias, praised the Big Three dominance: "Something unbelievable and unrepeatable is happening in tennis history. Federer is almost 38 years old and he is still at the top, and I really ask myself how he can do it especially from the physical point of view.

He has an impressive recovery ability, he is back to play much and well on clay and now he can win in Wimbledon. Novak Djokovic, at his best, is still unbeatable and the most devastating out of the three." Serena Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou analyzed some parts of Federer's game.

"Roger's return is strong, especially on the forehand side. His success on backhand return is relatively low for a top player. Because he gives the opponent the time to build the game. He should hit more aggressive. Roger's Sabr is funny and not silly when he can upset once or twice, put pressure and make his opponent go in trouble.

That's why I find that Nick Kyrgios can surprise with an underarm serve. That's not ridiculous for me. Players should often hit it."