Marc Marquez is like Rafael Nadal, he has no limits - Hernandez

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Marc Marquez is like Rafael Nadal, he has no limits - Hernandez

Santi Hernandez, Marc Marquez's track engineer, praised the Spaniard for winning his eighth MotoGP championship title. Speaking with AS, Hernandez said: "We are all very happy. It was not easy to win the title in Thailandia, winning two points more than Dovizioso.

On Friday he had a fall that could have made him hurt seriously. Marc did a great job this year. I think he got closer to perfection. Putting the Austin fall aside, the worst result was the second place. You also have to congratulate Honda, for the effort and because he did a great job.

To all the team, for working in an unbelievable way throughout the year. And you have to congratulate Marc, because performing the way he did in Thailandia, shows the champions he is, the desire he has to keep winning races besides titles.

That's what makes him even greater." What's the limit for Marquez with 26 years and eight titles? "I do not know. You just have to enjoy it. Years ago we had said that it was very difficult that a driver would win eight Championships.

We have a Spaniard with eight titles, who is Marc Marquez, and what he is doing is to write a new history for MotoGP and the Spanish sport. Marquez is like Rafael Nadal and you do not know what's the limit. You only know they will give everything when they compete."

Meanwhile, according to The Sun, Andy Murray's Sports Management 77 was found to be in debt to the tune of £300,000. However, it is said they are confident about the future. Last year through a statement Murray had said: “It’s something that interests me a lot.

I want to work with the best British athletes, whether that’s male or female. If there’s anything they, their family, or anyone around them wants to ask or talk to me about, then that’s what I’ll do.

I don’t want to be imposing my views or ideas on anyone. But I think that’s one of the nice things about having an athlete as part of the management company."