Rafael Nadal liked soccer more than tennis, says insider

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Rafael Nadal liked soccer more than tennis, says insider

Toni Mesquida, a football coach in Manacor, revealed some interesting things in an interview to Mundo Deportivo speaking of Rafael Nadal. Mesquida said: "Rafa liked more football, I can definitely tell it. I know him since when he played soccer.

He was younger than the guys who I coached and he was training with the older guys. For his physical and technique condition, he could play with people who were a little bit older than him. When he was playing soccer, he was standing out, standing out a lot.

He was playing soccer and tennis. He loved the two things but he liked soccer more. But he was not wrong, he took the best choice. He picked the sport where he triumphed and will keep triumphing and he deserves it." Mesquida also praised Nadal as a person: "He (said) hi, he came to me while I was working several times, he is committed, he remembers where he is from and I think that's the most important thing."

Nadal is set to be back on Tour later this month at the Paris Masters, France, where he did not play last year due to a foot injury. Serena Williams spoke about the challenges of being a mother: "Some days are harder than others.

My work is so intense. And as a mom, I'm protective, and I want the best for her. So, I kind of get into the same space. They're both intense. It's just really a delight to just be able to have something you love most and be with it."