Rafael Nadal's school teachers drops praise on the Spaniard

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Rafael Nadal's school teachers drops praise on the Spaniard

"What matters is to be a person" Antoni Tomas, director of the Sant Vicenc of Paul school, Rafael Nadal's lifetime college says it. "He did not want to stand out in everything. When he won one thing or the other we had to check press because he just wanted to behave like others.

When he became Europe's champion, I told him, what happened? And he replied, I may not know, what happened? Did I do something bad? And I told him, No, you did not do anything bad, congratulations" And he said, Thank you, can I go play with my friends?" "What stands out about Rafa is his consistency, his responsability.

He is an example for all the people who want to achieve something." Juana Maria Massanet, Nadal's teacher, said: "I met Rafa when he was 16 years old, he had not won his maiden French Open yet. He was a very normal person who did not speak in class, he was so shy.

I did not manage to know him too well." Antoni Gaya, Director of the Centre, said: "After Christmas he started playing and winning tournaments and he decided to leave school. When he left, he thanked everyone. He was so respectful.

For me having Rafa in class was a proudness. Some time ago he still remembered about me, he said hi, being very educated, as always."