Rafael Nadal, a married man who helps unprivileged people

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Rafael Nadal, a married man who helps unprivileged people

It seems an impossible mission to meet someone who speaks on a bad note about Rafael Nadal. Mundo Deportivo visited Manacor to speak with people about the 19-time Grand Slam winner. Rafa is an example of fight, consistency and work.

But most of all he is very close and humble. Nadal always put Manacor at the highest point through his Foundation and the Rafa Nadal Academy helping all the kids that, for whatever reason, are excluded from the social environment.

In Sant Vicenç de Paul, where Nadal used to go to the school, kids are able to play through the tennis balls that are sent from his Academy. The designer Rosa Clara said: "I feel so fortunate to be the designer of Mery's dress for her wedding with Rafa Nadal.

It's an enormous responsability of course but an honor for me too. The connection between me and Mary was immediate as well as with her mother, Rafa's sister for whom we also designed outfits on the wed day. It's been a big pleasure, Rafa has an amazing family."

The player Juan Pablo Varillas was asked who is his reference point, He replied: "Rafael Nadal, without a doubt. He doesn't give any point for lost not even in a training session. I try to copy his way to be, his attitude, in order to have a stronger mind. He is an example not just as a tennis player, but as a person. In life he never gives up."