Just having Rafael Nadal is a great success for Barcelona - Norman

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Just having Rafael Nadal is a great success for Barcelona - Norman

Dick Norman is one of the several former players being a Tournament Director on the ATP Tour. Norman runs the Antwerp's European Open and in an interview he spoke about his role. "The advantage is that you still have good contact with the players and you can help to make their stay being more pleasant.

David will do well. I have been knowing him for a long time. Barcelona is also a big tournament, where Rafael Nadal often plays. That's already more than a success", said Norman who also revealed that Alexander Zverev was initially interested to take a wild card to play in Antwerp.

The German then reached Shanghai Masters final. Norman believes fans' experience improved over the years in the Belgian event: "In the past, you could just eat patatas and hot dogs. Now there are better and healtier things.

The experience for fans improved a lot in terms of food. We added pasta. They can also watch matches on the big screens while eating." "In 2016 around 16,000 tennis fans came to the Lotto Arena, one year after 20,000 and last year 24,500, despite the No.

1 country's player David Goffin. We broke the even so hopefully we will have a financial turnaround in 2019", he revealed. "This year on Tuesday a ticket for Andy Murray's match costed more than the previous years and 50 percent more tickets were sold than 2018 over the start of the week.

This tournament needs time to grow, but it is alive." On Dominic Thiem, coach Nicolas Massu said: "He won some of the toughest 500s, Barcelona and Beijing. If you saw the draw, there were amazing players. You play every match with difficult and dangerous players, which made him have a lot of confidence that in Vienna he can do very well.

You can change small details that can make a difference and that's what we are working on every day. Hopefully it continues for the next years. He is a 100 percent hard worker in practice or gym. He tries to give the best."