What Rafael Nadal plans to do with wife Xisca after retirement

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What Rafael Nadal plans to do with wife Xisca after retirement

A few weeks ago Rafael Nadal said that he is in the final stage of his career. The Spanish player, once he retires from the professional tour, will have more time for his new wife Maria Francisca Perello and for his investments.

Nadal and Mary would like to have up to three children, but as long as the Spanish champion plays on Tour, it will be difficult as he doesn't want to make kids suffer while travelling around the world. Mery rarely follows her husband in tournaments - she attends the four Grand Slams and some European tournaments, and she also works at the Rafa Nadal Foundation.

Mery has an Administration and Directory degree. According to Pronto Magazine, once he retires Nadal would be ready to start running in an active way the companies that his family holds. 'Xisca' would help him with the activities.

Nadal aims to buy properties, make investments, own restaurants and - why not - see if there is a chance to get involved in the golf. Speaking to Marca some weeks ago Nadal had said: "Having family? I do not know, things are not easy to be predicted.

I thought that at this age I would have been already a former tennis player and that I would have started a family. For the way I think, I see a family with a more stable life and that's what I would like to have. Years are going on but it always depends what happens with my tennis and with my career."