David Goffin's resurgence started against Rafael Nadal - Coach

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David Goffin's resurgence started against Rafael Nadal - Coach

In an interview David Goffin's coach Thomas Johansson spoke about how the Belgian player improved lately during the year. Johansson said: "David was far from being the best. We had to work basically on every aspect of the game: from Paris and his third round loss to Rafael Nadal in the French Open, he got good results and he performed at a very high level.

Now he manages to perform in a consistent way over the time. He lost sometimes in the first round but the basics were there. Everything really started at the French Open. Before, he was very good practicing but without switching it to a match."

Is it a mental matter? "As a player, it's like this. Not just for David but for all the players on Tour. You know, David raised to the world class rankings and after some injuries his confidence was affected. He worked for some months, it took time to improve."

Johansson also spoke about the good things of working with Goffin: "Working with him is a pleasure. Besides being a very nice guy, he is very professional, a working beast, in everything he does. He is also a very funny person off the court.

I have to admit that we enjoy ourselves together. Now at the end of the season he will need to rest because the season was very long. Then we will work to be physically ready and we will start the following season in the best condition."