If Rafael Nadal doesn't break himself, he will still play - Marat Safin

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If Rafael Nadal doesn't break himself, he will still play - Marat Safin

In an interview with Sport Express, former world No. 1 Marat Safin spoke about why he said that Rafael Nadal is getting older while serving as a TV commentator during the US Open final between the Spaniard and Daniil Medvedev last month.

"The guy is 33 years old. After 30 years you were old. And at 33 you are antic. But times have changed. If he doesn't break himself, he will still be able to play," said Safin. On the reasons that led him to retire, Safin added: "My knee flew away and I was not able to run anymore.

The surgery means to take too big risks. And I did not want to pay the price for life. Career is a part of life, life is forever. The injury hits you, the desire of running and play gets far away." Asked if he still remembers the moment when he realized his career was ending, Safin replied: "I knew it in 2006 when I came back after breaking my knee.

I realized that I would not play for a long time. My rankings position was not where I wanted it to be. It was useless. Now sometimes I hit the gym and I run around. My weight is the same as when I was 19 years old." How does it work? "I run eight-nine kilometres twice a week.

Abdominal, legs exercises." Meanwhile, Andrey Rublev spoke about his triumph at the Moscow's Kremlin Cup: "Last week was unbelievable. Switching from one week to the other is never easy. In this case, everything went well.

On Sunday I played the final and I had two free days to recover. The match was on Wednesday so I was physically doing well and I played a pretty good match. I am full of confidence and I think it's for this that now I am the lucky winner."