Rafael Nadal shares how coach Carlos Moya helped him

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Rafael Nadal shares how coach Carlos Moya helped him

Rafael Nadal reflected on how his coach Carlos Moya helped him to evolve back in the end of 2016. The 19-time Grand Slam winner said: "He came in a time where I was recovering. Even if things were going very well, like it has always been with my nephew, he brought different working methods, different ways to understand the training and the competition, with a new and fresh sentence that in that moment helped me to make one more step."

On his consistency, Nadal added: "I also got injured when I was coming from many wins and I was pretty high on the rankings in order not to lose many positions. I have not been leaving the top ten for hell of a time and I only ended in 2016 outside the top 5."

Nadal also praised Spain: "In Spain we tend to think that outside it's better than us. We do it almost in an unintentional way. From my humble point of view, in politics we hurt a lot each other and we ended up being in a country that is not that good than how it really is.

There was a crisis, clear, some people are doing bad. Without any doubt you have to improve, but you also have to see the good things. Look at the public medicine, it's unbelievably positive. I was in a lot of countries, countries that we think are better, and I can assure that they are very far away from ours.

We have a status of wellbeing that is very good. We need a powerful medium class, as open as possible. I feel like a Spanish citizen more than a Spain brand and more than any other thing. I an lucky for being born where I was born. If we compare Spain with the rest of the world we are super privileged."