Rafael Nadal fires big warning about future of Spanish tennis

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Rafael Nadal fires big warning about future of Spanish tennis

In an interview to El Mundo Rafael Nadal spoke about the future of Spanish tennis. The 33-year-old Manacor native admitted there may not be as many champions as there were in the past. "There have been a very few up-and-coming players.

In the last 30 years, consecutively and without stopping, there have been ultimate level Spanish tennis players. After my generation, which I include Roberto Bautista Agut and Pablo Carreno Busta in, we have a pretty big void.

It's about how Jaume Munar or Carlos Alcaraz evolve, he (Alcaraz) is very young and they say he is a very good kid. We do not have to fall on the mistake of Believing that we achieved over the last years will be routinary because otherwise we will be disappointed", said Nadal.

Asked how the last 30 years have been, since El Mundo was created, Nadal replied: "For Spain, in general, I think yes, without a doubt. We made very important progresses and we got around the world on headlines. At a world level there were very good and bad things.

There were wars, disasters, poverty keeps being there and most of all, too much of a difference between some regions and others. For me it has been very good 30 years on all the aspects. But I would like to relive them again, I would like to be three years old."