I was sometimes too hard with my nephew Rafael Nadal, says Toni

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I was sometimes too hard with my nephew Rafael Nadal, says Toni

In a press conference on Friday Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni spoke about the way he coached his nephew on the journey to the top. The 58-year-old Manacor said: "I was tough, sometimes too tough, because I loved him a lot.

I knew and I know that life is not easy and every person needs to be responsible. An excuse never made us win a match. Rafa grew thinking of making a bit more effort every time. He grew with three main goals: hitting the ball stronger, placing it where the opponent is not there and making him fall on court.

The great goal we set was not to win Wimbledon or Roland Garros, because it was a goal that did not depend on us totally. What was up to us was to improve. It was the big goal of my nephew, knowing that improving was possible and that he could be a great professional since a young age.

All what makes things easier makes us weaker and that's what happens with technology, that replaced the essential part of being human, which is his mind." In an interview to El Mundo Nadal explained why he learned more from losses than wins in his career.

"You learn much more from triumphes, first, if you have the ability to make a good self criticism, and second, if you are humble to know that even though you won, there are things that you do not do well. If you do not have this ability, you learn much more when you lose because you learn what the other did better than you, that's just logical.

But if you have the chance of not being wrong, of not looking at yourself as someone too good, you learn in a much easier way when you win because the confidence of winning makes you feel less pressure."