Rafael Nadal: 'Davis and ATP Cups should be a combined competition'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Davis and ATP Cups should be a combined competition'

Rafael Nadal spoke about the new Davis Cup format that will be introduced next month in Madrid. The Mallorcan, who is supposed to play there, said: "I can't think much because the thing is you need to try it to have a real opinion.

And there is things in the old format that have not been working well. There's other things that have been working well. But is true that there is a important thing that we were not able to make that happen for the last couple of years, that is the best players of the world playing usually the Davis Cup.

So when this kind of stuff happens, you need to find solutions, so the solution was that and let's see what's going on. Of course we need to fix couple of more things on the tour to make a big, big competition, you know.

I think two team tournaments, Davis Cup and ATP Cup in one month, is something that, in my opinion, is not good. And my feeling is we need to create one big, big competition to stay together. ITF, ATP, that's a good opportunity to make that happen and we need to make that happen."

Roger Federer was asked if reaching Jimmy Connors's 109 titles motivates him: "Whether it's 98 or 103, it's still far away. I am not planning how to seek the biggest amount of titles in the next future. . I would be happy of course if I could equal such a significant record. It's nice, I made a step forward. But I will not stay on Tour for a longer time because of it."