Rafael Nadal reveals the key for him to play more years

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Rafael Nadal reveals the key for him to play more years

Rafael Nadal will be back as a world No. 1 on Monday, November 4 surpassing the Serb Novak Djokovic. The Spaniard is the favorite, looking at the rankings points, to end the year on the throne as he doesn't defend any point until the end of the season.

Nadal said: "I have been in that position a couple of times in my career. I remember I have been here in 2017, I need to win one match, and I came here and I won the match. Another one has been close in the World Tour Finals.

I said during the whole season is fantastic. I prefer to be No. 1 to No. 2 and No. 2 to No. 3. And of course, finish the year world No. 1 is something special, and I would love to make that happen. But as you know, I didn't go to China.

That's something sad for me, but I need to find my priorities. As I said during the last couple of years, it is not my goal to be No. 1. It's about I need to organize my calendar to play as long as possible. If with my calendar at the end of the season I am number one, super happy.

But I will not try to follow or to make extra things to be No. 1. I just going to do my normal schedule. And that's the way you need to take decisions, and my decision is to try to do the right things to play as long as possible to give me more chances to play more years on the tour than try to be No. 1. Then I going to try my best during the next couple of events."