Cori Gauff was watched even more than Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon - Hingis

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Cori Gauff was watched even more than Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon - Hingis

Martina Hingis spoke about the 15-year-old American Cori Gauff's breakthrough on the Tour. Hingis was impressed by Gauff who won her maiden career-title earlier this month in Linz. "I met Coco a couple years ago when she already won the US Open, right? Her dad, she was there.

From (Patrick) Mouratoglou, I knew she always talk about her. I followed her career for the last two years. It's great to see someone young and fresh in the women's game. Obviously, at Wimbledon she was watched more than even Rafael Nadal.

Everybody followed her. That was amazing. It's a great new face out there", said Hingis. Speaking about the WTA rules that limits the number of tournaments for youngsters like Gauff, Hingis said, "Yeah, I was always against the rules anyways.

I thought we all were given the chance to play at 14. Maybe 18 is a little too late. Maybe somewhere in between, 16. You can drive a car in the US. All these rules, there are pros and contras. I think if someone has the level, can play that game, hey, they should be given the chance.

There's always special rules for this and that. I think at 16, yeah, they definitely should be able to proceed and do their job. She's one of those that actually can play at that level and do well. They're good for the game."

It was a great year for teenagers on the WTA Tour as another teen, Bianca Andreescu won her first Major at the US Open. Andreescu also won two Premier Mandatories, in Indian Wells and the Rogers Cup in Toronto.