This is how Rafael Nadal became one of the greatest players ever

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This is how Rafael Nadal became one of the greatest players ever

During a speech in Spain earlier this week Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni reflected on the keys to success for the 19-time Grand Slam winner. The 58-year-old Manacor native said: "I am a great coach because I have three qualities that no one ever achieved: I had a great player, I am Rafael Nadal's uncle and I was the least costly coach in all the tournaments.

"You cannot go against progress but abuse of this data worries me because sometimes you can be confused. Before, the technology was about developing what was not essential for a human being, like the strength or the speed.

Now you want to replace a key part like the mental strength. That's what gives me a lot of doubts. Rafael grew thinking that he was never good enough, that there was always something to improve. The people who triumph are the ones who give themselves more opportunities.

An excuse never made us win a match. "When the players were competing well, they were winning. When they were performing bad, they were trying to win. Now when things go well, the younger guys are okay, but when it gets worse, they are no longer committed."

Toni Nadal stepped down as Nadal's coach in 2017. Nadal is now coached by fellow Mallorcan Carlos Moya, and Francisco Roig. Nadal will become the world No. 1 again on 4th November. He is playing the Rolex Paris Masters this week and is seeded second.