Tsonga, Ascione set to develope project with Rafa Nadal Academy

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Tsonga, Ascione set to develope project with Rafa Nadal Academy

Thierry Ascione spoke about the All in Academy project that he founded back in 2014. Now Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has joined the board too. Ascione said: "Academies are infrastructures. But in the end, what is important is human people.

It's a matter of people. We know that those who are coached here in our academy are undergoing important moments of their lives. We left home at 12 years old... And sometimes this creates problems because we miss our families.

And if they need to be closer to their homes, we need to be able to offer proposals with Mr. Mouratoglou, Rafa Nadal, Lyon. Our main goal is to make sure that when we accept players, there will be no selection because we cannot pretend to claim that one is good and one is not good.

When parents come to see me, I say, Okay, give me six months. And if they come back every day, if they smile, if they have a real ambition, then we can say. I cannot say in 24 hours this guy is good or no good. "Everybody follows their own path.

My ambition five years ago and even more now is to try to propose new skills, new options for families to achieve goals. Because we know that the young players are professionals at a very young age. They have to travel all around the world at 12 years old, at 14 years old, and it is frightening.

And it's thanks to our partners, Lacoste, Tecnifibre, that I manage to have a little bit of money left to wrap up a budget. We're lucky. We are going to have an outstanding infrastructure, but we are going to bet on humans, on values, and the aim is to make the young generation be on a fast-track so as not to waste time. Because with Jo's stamp of approval, we are certainly going to speed up a lot of process."