Adrian Mannarino 'frustrated and disappointed' after loss to Rafael Nadal

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Adrian Mannarino 'frustrated and disappointed' after loss to Rafael Nadal
Adrian Mannarino 'frustrated and disappointed' after loss to Rafael Nadal

Adrian Mannarino lost a tight straight-set match to Rafael Nadal in Paris, 7-5, 6-4, in the second round. The Frenchman said: "Without insight, it doesn't matter how I played. I feel frustrated. I'm disappointed to have lost. I did upset him, but, ultimately, I lost in two sets.

That's the way it is." On what happened when Nadal was serving on 4-4 in the first set, Mannarino replied: "It's true that this 4-4 point was actually important. I was 15-30. I had a good return. It's a pity that the ball was let.

But one has to trust the Hawk-Eye. I had an opportunity behind that, but he remained robust and he served well. He aced on a game point. It was hard. After that, at 5-4, he put some more pressure. I knew that if I lose this one, I will lose it all.

As for the first point, I lost it. It's coming up fast. I didn't see it coming very well. At Love-15, I had a wonderful backhand and, when it's important, the backhand is in. And I'm Love-30. I'm under pressure. I managed to peg back, and then I made a stupid mistake at 15-30.

I managed to serve well. I had the whole surface covered. I wanted to play well, and then I had a slip-up, and then it was 15-40. And things were not turning out well. That's the difference between the very good players, I guess.

When it's important, they don't panic. That's where they stand out. Had I done a good point at 4-4 -- I didn't break him. I had felt that I was doing it well until then, and then it was 6-4. So I will take the time to analyze my loss, but it's not the most important thing right now."

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