Rafael Nadal on the strangest thing that's ever happened to him

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Rafael Nadal on the strangest thing that's ever happened to him

Rafael Nadal answered fans' questions in the Player's Box Challenge at the Rolex Paris Masters. The Spaniard, who will be playing quarter-finals against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on Friday, was asked which partner he would pick to win the French Open doubles title with.

Nadal, who won 12 singles titles in Paris, said: "I don't know if I can win, first of all I have to play, because I never played it. You never know, but it will be difficult. Marc Lopez, if he is healthy, would be a good partner."

What is the strangest thing that happened to him on a tennis court? "A long time ago in Hamburg, I was in the locker room, changing, I put my foot on the floor and I felt something, The ankle started to be bigger and bigger, and I did not know why.

I was scared, it ended up being just a vein that popped. At the beginning, I thought I could not play. Then I went to the doctor and it was no problem." A fan asked Nadal why he was not invited to his wedding: "I am sorry it's too late.

It was a very private event. Just the people very close to us. That's the way that we wanted." He was asked three things he can order in a bakery: "Croissants, Madeline, bread." Asked to name three players from the soccer team Paris Saint-Germain, Nadal replied: "Mbappè, Cavani and Neymar," he concluded.