Ruud inspired by Rafael Nadal and Thiem to become great on clay

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Ruud inspired by Rafael Nadal and Thiem to become great on clay

In an interview as quoted by ATP Casper Ruud spoke about his inspirations. The Norwegian player trains at the Rafa Nadal Academy and he dreams to win the French Open title one day. Ruud said: “I’ve always looked up to Rafa a lot and players like him and Thiem, they play with great intensity and in some matches.

When you look at them, they’ve kind of already won the match, it seems like, before they walk on the court because their opponent knows it’s going to be so tough to beat them on clay,” Ruud said. “That’s a point I would like to get to in my career.

When I step on a clay court, [I want] the guy on the other side of the net to think, ‘Oh, this guy is a really, really good player and I’ll have to play my best tennis for three hours if I’ll have a chance to beat him.’” Ruud added: “I feel like I’m one of the younger guys who maybe prefers to play on clay over hard court...

I think it’s a good opportunity for me to be able to do well on clay courts the next, hopefully, 15 years because none of the new ones, except Thiem, who is a little older than us, has done unbelievably good on clay yet. I’m thinking that could be an open spot to be a new ‘clay-court guy’ among the Next Gen."